Since I’ve been getting acupuncture twice a week, I feel brand new!  When one feels well, one’s view of the world is different.  I am so grateful for my renewed energy and optimism.  I’m ME again!

My only real complaint is that we’ve had over forty days of 90+ heat this summer.  This morning Mollie and I went for a beautiful walk where the trees and other greenery remind me of a walk in the woods of New England.  Only a ten minute trek from our house, this path follows a canal which provides Mollie with an opportunity to swim.

The old trees here are truly wonderful.  One, in particular, with its trunk split open still thrives!  Amazing.  The leaves, huge and green, shine  as the sun hits them.  It looks as if God has shined each one with glossy oil as they glisten and sparkle brightlly.

Letting go is my theme for today.  Letting go of expectations, others’ intentions that are hurtful, letting go of judgements, and my own inner negative chatter.  It’s unbelievably easy to change one’s thoughts in the direction of positivity.  I am enjoying the moment.

A quick word to the wise: I have found a great way to combine exercise and enjoying my doggie walks.  Sketchers sneakers with 2.5 pound ankle weights work beautifully to build leg and butt muscles.  Since it is more difficult these days to keep muscles toned and strong, this is a great trick.   The other idea  for arms, is push ups on the bathroom sink, about 3 sets or 4 of 30 reps each day.

Sadly, vanity is still a big motivator for me, but now it is balanced with a will to be strong and as healthy as I can be.