Finally, I’m doing it!  One of my biggest faults is that I rarely act on my innumerable creative ideas.  I have wanted to write for years, but I always have something else that is more pressing.  (Avoidance?) This week, something has changed.  I have made a decision to do all that I can possibly do to relish each and every day; to find deep meaning in the simple things and to cherish all of my blessings.  I will not regret the past, nor obsess about the future.  I have only this moment, the here and now, and in that moment I am able to find soul enriching experience.

On Monday, I suggested to Chris that we drive to the mountains.  It has been unbearably hot for the past month, with little respite from upper 90 degrees temps.  Only an hour away, we already noticed a change in the air.  A nice breeze, the smell of pines and earth combined to thrill our senses.  We found a crystal clear lake and very few people.  Mollie jumped in gleefully!  She swims with abandon loving the cool water on her body.  I love the snorting sounds she makes and the slow movement of her tail that she uses as a rudder.

Chris cannot walk far due to arthritis in his foot.  So he brought a book to read while Mollie and I hiked up to Long Lake.  A half mile up and I found it a bit challenging, remembering wistfully, my former robust body with endless energetic reserves.  This walk would hardly have raised my heartbeat, yet now I am panting.  However, I am doing it!!!  I love the woods, the soft earth upon which I tread soundlessly.  The fields aglow with ubiquitous wildflowers, deep yellow and mauve.  The mums have an orangy center like a caution light warning me to slow down and take in all the beauty.

A baby girl, not yet two, walks by holding her daddy’s hand, and waving at Mollie with the other.  “Hi doggie” she says in her sweet lilting voice. “Hi doggie.”  I pick up Mollie’s paw to wave back at her and she is delighted.

A wonderful day was so thoroughly enjoyed by all three of us.  I often think, especially these days when I am so tired, of how the world goes on.  The tides come in and out, the streams rush down the mountains, people scurry off to work, lovers kiss and babies follow their curiousity wherever it takes them.  I decide that as I listen to my body, honor it’s energy or lack thereof, I shall be in this moment, not waiting for something unknown to happen.  Just as in the past I always thought, someone will come along to save me (I know many women sadly think in this way), I now know that I am responsible for creating the highest quality of life available to me.  I am in gratitude for the love of my husband, my family, my friends and my animals.  Life is good.