A few months ago, I chipped the whole bottom part of a crown which is an implant, right in the front.  Fortunately, it wasn’t chipped enough to be hugely noticeable, upon first glance.  However, as time went on, it began to bother me.  My two front teeth are quite large, so with the one right next to them now abbreviated, I noticed the odd look more and more.

So today, I headed to my dentist, whom I have continued to see, even though he’s in Longmont where I used to work, 35 miles away from home.  I had written my complaint to expedite the process, since my speech is so garbled and slow.   He agreed that it needed replacing.  Impressions were taken for both the temporary and permanent crowns.

When I left the office, I was so excited to see my mouth looking normal again.  I thought, ‘while I’m out, what else should I do?’  The car needs an oil change and cleaning desperately, so I decide to stop at Starbucks, buy a wonderful cinnamon bun and a NY Times and hurry off to get the oil changed and car washed.

When the mechanic askes, “What can I do for you today, Ma’am?” I can see the shock on his face when I reply, “oil change” which sounds like Oy chenj!  Fortunately, he “gets it” and I settle in with my yummy bun and paper.  As I begin chewing, I sense the crown moving and think, impossible.  However, after only two bites, it is out and in the middle of the mouthful of cinnamon bun!  Of course, right at that moment, he returns asking “What fragrance do you want when we clean the car?”  I can only get up and write vanilla.  Since he’s already heard me speak, he must figure that vanilla is hard to say, so he smiles, shakes his head in understanding and leaves.

I quickly text Chris and tell him to call the dentist.  When the car is finished and it’s time to pay, I write down what has happened and the mechanic has a good laugh.

At 3PM, I will drive all the way back to Longmont to have the temporary crown put back in place.  I pray that it takes, this time!

There has to be a lesson in this, I think.  What is this really all about?  Eliminating my ever present vanity?  Forcing me to write, VS speaking?  Eating more humble pie?

I admit, I don’t know the deeper lesson, but this I do know for sure.  When we awaken in the morning, if we are lucky enough to have another day in this world, we really have no idea what’s in store.  And whatever it is, there is always someone else who is suffering more.  And, we are not alone.  We have countless choices about how we will experience whatever is offered up!

For me, I choose to laugh at myself.  I should just be myself on Saturday Night Live!  It seems as though the strangest and most hysterically funny things happen to me, with great regularity.  For this, I am eternally grateful, and I will laugh and laugh and laugh.