The last few days have brought a few situations that brought so many laughs, I just HAD to share them!

Yesterday afternoon I decided to lie down and have a little nap.  Immediately both cats, Yogi and Boo-Boo jumped onto the bed and assumed their rightful positions.  Boo-Boo always snuggles on my left side and Yogi on the right.  Typically, I pet them until I fall asleep.  Such a lovely feeling!  Two furry kitties, both long-haired, purring loudly bring joy to my heart.

When Mollie Magee, our 4 year-old yellow lab realizes that I’m in bed she, too jumps up to join the party.  However, unlike the soft quiet peaceful cats, she jumps all over wagging her tail wildly.  It’s as if she’s saying, “Woo hoo!  Here we go!  This is gonna be great!  Mama’s here with the cats and life is great!  YAY!

In my most serious voice I say “Down!”  Which sounds like “thou” but she understands, thank God.  She puts her beautiful face next to mine on the pillow; I can feel her warm breath.  Even though my eyes are closed, I know she is staring at me.  If I open my eyes to check, I can forget all about my nap because that is an invitation to play.

Knowing that she is staring at me, hoping I’ll open my eyes, as always, strikes me VERY funny.  I struggle not to smile but soon I can suppress it no longer!  I can feel the corners of my mouth forming a smile and I hear the whack, whack, whack of her tail on the bed.  It takes only a few moments of hearing this tail, imagining her face watching me that I not only smile really big, but I crack up, and she’s off and running!  “YAY, Mommy’s awake so now we PLAY!  I stop resisting, the cats stop their purring, obviously annoyed with Mollie’s disturbing exuberance.  But we all get up, a bit happier than before.

Today the weather was a bit cooler, so I chose a velour warm-up suit by Ralph Lauren.  A rich purple color trimmed in gold, it is so attractive and comfortable.  I threw it on hastily, as I was late for my massage.  It is always a good choice when I am in a hurry because I look put together, even if I don’t feel that way.

After my appointment, I love to stop at Whole Foods and bring home some goodies.  Stopping at the deli counter, a very nice woman asks if she can help me.  I pick up a plastic container to show the size portion I want and I point at the salad in the front of the case.  I’m gesturing with the container mumbling “thi saz of thi.”  Because I’m pointing and gesturing she seems to understand and repeats what she thinks I said.  I give her the thumbs-up gesture which I use waaay too much these days!

She wraps it up and asks if I need anything else.  I reply, “no tha” and she gestures “thank you” in SIGN LANGUAGE!   I’ve often thought my speech sounds kind of like a deaf person, and so I appreciate her kindness, but it really struck me funny.  I enjoy these moments where I can see the ridiculousness of my situation, and can’t help but chuckle.

As I leave the store, I’m approached by a nice woman who says, “Beautiful color,” referring to my purple suit.  I forget about my speech problem and immediately respond, “tha you.”  As I continue to walk to the car, I giggle to myself thinking, I wonder what she thought about that response.

ALS has effected my speech, breathing and swallowing.  It is called the Bulbar type of ALS onset.  So, to the observer, I look perfectly normal.  Therefore, when I do speak, people are often visibly surprised.  Everyone is very very kind.  My family and friends can laugh with me sometimes as I struggle to be heard and they struggle to understand.  It’s more fun than charades!

In July, Chris and I were flying to Maine for a vacation.  We both wanted different breakfasts at the airport so we agreed to meet on the plane.  When it was time for me to board,  a very handsome man in front of me, turned around to say hello.  He said, rather flirtatiously, “well hello there and how is your day going?”  When I responded, “GrrrrA” I thought he’d faint, he was so shocked.   He turned around at that point and that was the end of his flirting!   It was hysterical!

Chris bought me an iPad the other day and I love it.  Today he found an app. that has a voice.  I type and she speaks.  I am excited about this because I’ve heard these computer voices before and they sound awful, but this one is really good and I am hopeful again.

There is humor everywhere.  We humans and our animals are endlessly funny.  For many years I have said, I should be on Saturday Night Live just being me.  I still say that.  I am still funny.  And, when my family and friends share that silliness with me, knowing they can,  I feel blessed.  I would say there is far too much seriousness in the world.  Today I choose to laugh and feel it from my toes.  And it is really good!