I went shopping for a wig with my daughter Kim last week.  Finding it increasingly difficult to style my hair, I am less inclined to fuss over it than ever before.  Patience and the desire to look great are waning, so I thought, why not get a wig?  That would enable me to look good enough in an instant; shake it out, pull it on and “voila”, ready to go anywhere!

We went to a great shop in Cherry Creek with a gazillion wigs of every imaginable style, length and color.  The owner brought us into a small cubicle for privacy while I tried them on.  I settled on a short one, close to my hair color and kind of shaggy…..a Jane Fonda look.  I wore it home.

Chris liked it immediately, or, at least that’s what he told me.  But, I think he meant it.  Agreed, Jane Fonda looking.

On Friday, I had to go to acupuncture and didn’t feel like doing my hair, so I wore the wig.

Dr. Gao is a very reserved Chinese physician who is a master at acupuncture.  Lately, he gives me a brief Chinese massage before he begins to place the needles.

I have been sitting in the massage chair since I had the feeding tube placed, so that he can place the needles in my neck and back, as I am now unable to lay on my stomach.

He began the massage and as his finger kept hitting the base of the wig, I thought, “Oh what to do?”  He must be wondering what that is…..he could massage my neck better if only I hadn’t worn the wig…..”Oh, what to do?”

These days I find myself becoming more and more free of concerns that have plagued me all of my life.   “How do I look?  Do I look fat?  I cannot allow myself to be seen doing this or that.”  What will people think, and on and on.  All of this now matters little to me.  Each day I am more free of concern about what people might think and it is so liberating!

And so, after considering my options for about a minute or two, I unceremoniously yanked off the wig!  He said, “oh okay.”  That was it.  No other verbal response to my giggle.  Nothing.  He massaged my neck and it was great.

When I moved from the chair to the massage table so that he could place the needles on my front side, I saw that he had moved the wig to my chair.  It looked funny sitting there on the chair. 

End of story.  Great massage, little grief from a minute of concern, and we moved on. 

The lesson for me is that I will not wait as long next time to do whatever it is that I want/need to do, for fear of being embarrassed.  I cannot go back and undue all the stress I experienced in my life while being uncomfortable, yet appropriate.  But I CAN share this with you, dear reader, so that YOU can choose comfort first, starting today!