On Friday, we decided to see a movie.  As usual, I was running late.  Frustrated with myself, I grabbed my fake Uggs and jumped into the car.  I was irritable!

I pulled and pulled and finally one boot came on.  Dear husband said, “Barbi, I will help you when we get there.”  I kept on.  Stuck my foot in the other boot and pulled and pulled.  I was thinking, I know that my hands are weak, but this is ridiculous!

All the handicapped spaces nearest the theater were full, so Chris dropped me off while he went to park.  I got out of the car and realized that my feet felt funny.  I looked down and saw each foot pointing out; the boots were on the wrong feet.  I cracked up!  I was walking toward the theater thinking, OMG, no one around me knows how funny this is!  Looking down toward my feet again, I notice a huge spot of what looked like dried formula in a six inch round blob right in the middle of my coat!  OMG again!  Here I am, walking to the movies, boots on the wrong feet and a huge ugly stain on the front of my coat.  This, too, made me laugh.  I laughed at myself knowing what a big deal this would have been only a couple of years ago.

Rather than panic, I chose to laugh and I pulled my shoulder bag so that it covered the spot, walked to the door with my boots pointing outward and I smiled enjoying  my little secret.   The joke was on me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  As I have said before, my behavior would be fodder for the writers on Saturday Night Live!  And self-deprecating humor has always been at the top of my list!